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Sister biz of Cargo Catering Co. and Food Lore Kitchen, Wayville, South Australia.

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The Speakeasy Girls

what is

The Speakeasy hotel?

We are three sisters, and also the owners of Cargo Catering Co. and Food Lore. Lovers of food, champagne, and magical events. You might say that we just love hospitality.

A chance sighting on Gumtree led us to a stylish and unique, chalk blue 1950’s caravan and we instantly knew that she was family. We bought her on inspection and hoped that we hadn’t underestimated the work needed to get her into shape. We did, very much so. However the cocktail gods looked graciously upon us and carefully she was nipped and tucked until she looked 21 again. With decorating inspiration taken from the Hollywood Art Deco era, a time when style was immaculate and service was first priority. We called her The Speakeasy Hotel, with the 1920’s prohibition in mind, a fitting title, as similar to her predecessors she too moves about and sets up shop wherever the party is!

The Speakeasy Journey

Here, we dedicate our sincere gratitude to the man responsible for this immaculate transformation. Josh, here's cheers to every perfectly considered element, every individually crafted join and every cut, scrape, bruise and sleepless night this van inflicted. We owe you a beer or two - that's for sure! 

For premium workmanship on all things trailers and custom metal contact: j.kecskemeti90@gmail.com

the restoration

then what...?